Who We Are

The Daring Ventures Team

Skilled. Qualified. Caring.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” — Desmond Tutu

Commitments of the Daring Ventures Team

Vision: Our desired destination

To see generations freed from the effects of trauma, addiction, and illness into flourishing relationships of connection, healing, and love.

Mission: Our pathway to the vision

To join our clients’ journeys with authentic care and clinical excellence, walking with them into greater courage, hope, and connection.

Values: Our compass to help us find our way

Daring: Adventurous Courage.

It’s who we are. It’s in our name. We are willing to take risks for the sake of our cause. We try, fail, learn, and try again. We do hard things. Courage inspires us to do what is best. We celebrate willingness and resilience. We show up steadfast, brave, and ready to connect.

Hope: Assured Expectations.

We joyfully anticipate progress. Healing happens, flourishing follows, and we expect to see it—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. With patience, we smile, cry, laugh, and hurt with our clients and one another as we trust the process.

Connection: Authentic Relationships.

It’s what we’re made for. We know people are healed and flourish when they experience vulnerability, trust, and acceptance with self and others. We see the inherent worth of every person and honor every person as our neighbor. We value the shared experiences and collaboration we have with our clients and one another.

Stewardship: Accountable Responsibility.

It’s our sacred duty. To whom much is given, much is required. We honor the stories we hear and the process we share as gifts. Our resources, knowledge, experience, and relationships belong not to us alone, but are to be used for the good of all.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary staff is highly trained...  but we bring more to our work than our heads. We also bring our hearts. Team members at Daring Ventures are passionate about the work they do. This is more than a job. It is a calling.

Below you can read more about our amazing staff. Together, we possess extensive, advanced training and experience in the realms of addiction recovery, betrayal trauma, and relationship dynamics.

We are here and ready to serve you.

The Daring Ventures Team

Destiny Cannon Website Round

Destiny Cannon

Office Manager

Clinical Therapist and Director of Clinical Neurotherapy

Office Administrator

Addiction and Couple Coach

Lisa H Headshot

Lisa Hale, LPC-S, LCDC

Clinical Therapist
& Addiction Specialist

Clinical Therapist for Individuals, Couples, & Groups

Clinical Therapist for Freedom to Move Forward Intensive

Partner and Couple Coach

Clinical Therapist for Individuals, Couples, & Groups

Clinical Therapist for Individuals, Couples, & Groups

Founder & President,
Clinical Therapist for Couples

Kristen Porter Headshot

Kristen Porter, MBA

Magnolia House Manager

Addiction and Couple Coach

Partner and Couple Coach, Intensive Program Coordinator

Addiction, Partner, and Couple Coach

Clinical Therapist for Individuals, Couples, and Groups

Chief Clinical Officer,
Director of Returning To You™,

Clinical Therapist

Addiction Recovery Coach

“The necessary goods in this world amount to these two things: health and a friend.” — Augustine of Hippo

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