Resources for Recovery & Healing

The resources listed below are provided for those interested in exploring and doing the work of recovery and healing.

We have found these products, services, podcasts, and videos to be helpful to clients and friends walking through addiction recovery and healing from trauma. Not every resource will be helpful in every situations. We recommend you speak with your therapist or coach about what might be helpful to you.

Please note that we do not necessarily endorse all the content of all resources below, though we do recognize their potential to facilitate positive change.*

Audio Books

Education is an essential component of recovery and healing, but many people have difficulty finding the time to read. We recommend utilizing time while driving, exercising, and doing daily household chores to listen to audio books. Many of the books below can be listened to through Audible. We have partnered with Audible so that those who use sign up for a free trial using from the Daring Venture website can try the service with two free audio books. A great place to begin discovering if audio books are a good fit for you would be to download and listen to Rising Strong by Brené Brown. You can get your two free books by clicking the Audible banner or by clicking here: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks.

Books & Workbooks

Resources for Sex Addicts

Facing the Shadow

This workbook by Dr. Patrick Carnes guides sex addicts through the foundational and formative early stages of recovery. Based on his extensive research working with thousands of sex addicts, Carnes developed the Task Model, which identifies 30 Tasks for addicts to master in the first few years of recovery in order to set themselves on a longterm course toward lasting sobriety and healing. The first seven tasks are outlined in this workbook. We utilize it with all our incoming sex addiction clients.

Shadows of the Cross

Written to augment the exercises of Facing the Shadow, this workbook is a companion guide to Facing the Shadow for Christians. Those who desire to bring their Christian faith into their recovery process can utilize this workbook to see how the tasks they are completing in their recovery work can be built upon and integrated with their beliefs about God and the with the story of Jesus. Shadows of the Cross draws from the Bible and also provides contemporary examples of how recovery can be a work of faith.

Sex Addicts Anonymous (The Green Book)

The Green Book serves SAA much like the Big Book serves AA. This is the basic text for the 12 Step program of Sex Addicts Anonymous. The Green Book provides a clear and compelling presentation of the principles behind SAA’s program, most typically through testimonies and stories of some of the earliest members of the program. Many sex addicts discovery upon their first reading of The Green Book that they are not alone, that others have found a way to recovery from compulsive sexuality, and that they, too, can have hope.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

The big book of SLAA tells the story of some of the program’s founders and earliest members, each describing their experience of coming to the end of themselves and finally surrendering to the process of recovery. This book shares much in common with SAA’s Green Book, with one important difference: the focus on toxic relationship and toxic romance. SLAA differs from SAA in that this program has more of a focus on the fantasy–based emotional intensity that is described as “love addiction.” The chapter on withdrawal from sex and love addiction is particularly poignant and beautiful, offering hope and motivation to those seeking to establish sobriety from their behaviors and fantasy.

Adult Children: Alcoholics / Dysfunctional Families

ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) is a 12 Step program that helps individuals discover how the dynamics in their families of origin have shaped the present day experiences of work, play, others, and themselves. The big book of ACA and the program from which it evolved is not merely for adult children of alcoholics. The insights here are helpful to all people who are seeking to understand how their pasts and presents may be connected and to find the courage and hope to break free from old patterns of relating and living.

Answers in the Heart: Daily Meditations for Men and Women Recovering from Sex Addiction

This small book of daily meditations provides short but powerful reminders of the principles of recovery. By taking a few moments to focus upon these truths each day, recovering addicts can better live out their freedom in all realms of life. These meditations are great not only for personal use, but they can also provide topics for group recovery meetings.

Sex Addiction 101

Rob Weiss, LCSW, CSAT–S, has provided a brief, basic, and insightful introduction to the reality of sex addiction. This book is appropriate for both addicts and partners and loved ones of addicts who desire a better understanding of the topic. This book is a suggested starting place for those who are just beginning to learn about sexual addiction.

Out of the Shadows

Dr. Patrick Carnes pioneered the field of sexual addiction treatment and recovery. Out of the Shadows is his classic work on the subject. It was a groundbreaking book at the time of its release and remains one of the most powerful and compelling reads for those who find themselves in the shadows of sexual addiction. Because of its intense nature, we do not always recommend this book to partners of addicts who have just recently discovered their loved one’s addiction. Also, while we do appreciate the book as a whole, we recognize it’s depiction of partners of sex addicts as co–addicted does not reflect the latest research on betrayal trauma.

Resources for Betrayal Trauma… more coming soon…

Letters from a Sex Addict: My Life Exposed

In this book by Dan Drake and Wendy Conquest, readers are taken into the mind of a sex addict who has just been caught in his acting out behavior. This book is useful for addicts who are seeking to have greater awareness of themselves, but it is also helpful for partners as they seek to make sense of an addicts far too often nonsensical behavior.

Moving Beyond Betrayal: The 5–Step Boundary Solution for Partners of Sex Addicts

One of the first tasks of healing and recovery for partners of sex addicts is to learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries. This book by Vicki Tidwell Palmer guides partners in understanding their own needs and communicating those needs to addicts in and out of recovery. We have found this book to be exceedingly helpful in empowering partners of addicts to regain a sense of safety and control in their lives.

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