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Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery

Problematic compulsive sexual behaviors robs individuals and their families of serenity and safety. Men and women trapped in the grip of sexual addiction need support and treatment to recover their lives and find freedom to move forward.


Betrayal Trauma Healing

Many who are married or in relationship with sex addicts or chronic cheaters experience the discovery of infidelity as not just painful, but traumatic. Research now confirms what many already knew to be true: betrayed partners experience symptoms of trauma and can even develop post-traumatic stress disorder.


Couple-Centered Recovery®

At its root, addiction is usually an intimacy disorder. By placing the relationship at the center of the recovery process, we at Daring Ventures believe couples can experience healing faster and deeper. Through rigorous honesty, addicts learn to respond differently to their internal shame and grow in their ability to give their partners the intimacy they desire and deserve.


Money and Work Disorders

For some, money can be more than a means to purchase the things they need, and work becomes more than just a way to earn a living. For people with Financial and Work Disorders, the unending pursuit of gambling more, buying more, or working more can become an addiction — and can be a painful source of betrayal, neglect and financial ruin for co-workers, friends, and families.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP for men seeking to establish solid sobriety from sexual addiction and lay a lasting foundation for recovery in their lives. This program is highly customizable, allowing some flexibility for men's schedules, and is offered for an investment lower than many comparable programs.


Addiction Treatment

We specialize in the treatment of addiction, especially behavioral addictions. These can include addiction to sex, pornography, gambling, spending, work, gaming, and more.

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The very word comes from Greek roots meaning "soul care." We offer treatment for the soul, for the very core of who we are. Issues of identity, relationships, mental wellness, and significance are welcome.


Couple Therapy

Relationships, just like individuals, grow. As with any process of development, challenges and hardships can show up. We have highly trained couple therapists to help move clients toward secure functioning relationships that lead to safety, connection, and lasting love.



Coaching is different than psychotherapy in many important ways, not least is that coaching utilizes a strengths–based perspective to help clients achieve their own goals for self–care, boundaries, relationship needs, and much more. Our professional certified coaches serve clients by coming alongside them as they keep individual and relational health.



Research has demonstrated the powerful effect group work can have on individuals seeking transformation. We have group facilitated by coaches and therapists specifically designed for both individuals who struggle with addiction and their partners. We also offer groups with a clear faith-based focus.

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An "Intensive" is a model of therapy in which, rather than having shorter weekly or biweekly sessions, clients come for much longer periods of intense work. Our intensives typically range from one to four days in length, and each one is custom designed for clients. We offer intensives for a number of purposes, including therapeutic full disclosures, couples grief work, and changing relational dynamics.

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