Andrea Rogers, MS, BCC, CPC

"I never, in a million years, would have thought that I would walk through the earth shattering impact of betrayal and relational abuse and come out better on the other side.  The discovery of betrayal shook me to my core in a way that nothing else in my life had.  I said, 'I'll never be the same after this,' and that was accurate! I'm better,  wiser, more compassionate, and the most healed version of myself."

I spent most of my life longing for love and belonging. I thought I found what I was longing for in my marriage, only to have my dream turn into my worst nightmare. My journey through my own dark night of the soul seemed like it would destroy me. Instead, it helped me to find my passion and purpose in helping others on their own healing journey through betrayal trauma and recovery from the impacts of addiction.

Betrayal and addiction recovery are the chapters in our stories we don't expect. Those chapters are a part of the narrative, but they are not the whole story. I love helping people in their stories to move from hurting to healing, and continuing the journey towards wholeness. My own story set me on this path, but my training through APSATS has equipped me with the model I use to help betrayed partners heal. I have also been trained as a pastoral sex addiction specialist with C-SASI, a group facilitator with A Door of Hope, and a Couples Centered Recovery Coach with Daring Ventures. I also use Brainspotting, a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation.

I believe that each one of us is creative, resourceful, and whole. My job as a coach is to come alongside people as they discover and learn to live from this place of truth. Trauma, betrayal, and addiction do not get to have the final say. Post-traumatic growth and discovering a better life on the other side of pain is possible for those who are willing and ready to begin their journey. Today could be the first day on the journey of a lifetime!


B.S. in Psychology, Texas A&M University

M.S. in Leadership Training and Development, University of Houston

Advanced Trainings

Board Certified Coach (BCC), The Center for Credentialing and Education

Certified Professional Life Coach, The Institute for Life Coach Training

Certified Partner Coach (CPC), The Association of Partners of Sex Addict Trauma Specialists (APSATS)

Gottman Couple Training, The Gottman Institute

Level 1 Brainspotting Training

Trained Facilitator, A Door of Hope

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