Women's Betrayal Support Group

The Women's Betrayal Support Group is designed for women who are looking for a safe community to heal from betrayal. There are so many issues to deal with whether you have a recent discovery or have held this privately for decades and I know from personal experience that walking this journey out alone will hinder your healing. When we find safe women to share our heartache with, we can begin not only healing but we can also begin grieving which is incredibly important. Growing within a community of safe women is an experience you will likely hold dear to your heart forever. Something this tragic can actually provide you much needed empathy from women just like you as we celebrate each other's victories, hold your confidences and lavish you with comfort.

It takes healthy emotions to heal emotions. Be brave and join others who will hold each other's stories in an honorable way.


A or WhatsApp Text is created exclusively for the group members to connect and communicate privately with each other.

Currently, The Betrayal Support Groups meet on Tuesdays at 9:00am (Full) Wednesday at 9:00 am CDT (1 opening), and 11:00 am CDT Thursday (Full).

If you are interested, contact Connie Spiegel for more information get signed up on the waiting list.

To learn more or sign up, contact frontdesk@daringventures.com or call 855-602-2554.


The cost of the group is $65 per week ($260 per 4wk Month). The group is limited to 8 women.

The Facilitator

Connie Spiegel is a Relational Recovery Coach, Certified Professional Coach, Gottam Trained, and a APSATS Certified Partner Coach. If you'd like to contact Connie for more information about the group, email her directly at Connie@daringventures.com.

Some Topics of Discussion

  • The value of healing in a community of safe women/What is Sex Addiction
  • How does betrayal affect my life
  • How do I manage triggers
  • How do I ever trust my instincts
  • What if my husband won’t stay sober
  • How do I get my husband to do a Disclosure & Polygraph
  • What should I expect from my husband as far as his recovery
  • Do I tell my friends, family & children
  • What is Integrity Abuse
  • What is DARVO
  • What is Gas Lighting
  • How do I know when to stay or leave
  • How do I deal with my shame for staying with him
  • Will I ever feel normal again


To learn more or sign up, contact frontdesk@daringventures.com or call 855-602-2554.

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