Coaching helps individuals to clarify their own goals and values and move in the direction they want to go.

At Daring Ventures, we believe that coaches can have an important role to play on the treatment team. Unlike counselors who are focused on clinical issues, coaches can help clients with the daily application of the tools and skills of recovery and healing.

Our coaches have all undergone specific training not only as coaches, but also in the fields of sex addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing. With a coach, clients are helped to find the solutions from within themselves, solutions that align with their faith, values, and desires.

The PACE™ Model

PACE™ is our trademarked, innovative model: The Psychobiological Approach to Coaching and Education. PACE™ is grounded in the latest research from the fields of affect regulation, social neurobiology, and educational psychology. With an understanding of how the mind–body connection affects learning and behavior, the PACE™ Model assists clients in overcoming a number of challenges that often are outside of one’s own awareness. PACE™ empowers individuals to transform their own thinking and behaviors deeply, as well as effect change on the relationship dynamics in which they participate.

The advantages of coaching

While coaches are more limited in their scope of practice than counselors, they have much more flexibility in how they come alongside clients to provide help and care. Counselors typically have to work in face-to-face venues and in compliance with stringent state laws. Coaches, however, can provide their services via video conferencing, telephone, or even in a coffee shop and across state lines.

The Relational Recovery Coaches at Daring Ventures offer both individual and group coaching services.

Get started today working with a coach on your journey toward recovery and healing.