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Principles before Personalities

October 20, 2023

Principles before Personalities October 20, 2023 “Placing principles before personalities” is a concept that emphasizes the importance of focusing on the principles and values of the program rather than getting caught up in personal conflicts, egos, or individual personalities within the group. Here’s a breakdown of what it means: Principles: These are the fundamental beliefs…

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Personal Inventory

October 13, 2023

Personal Inventory October 13, 2023 In Step Four of the Twelve Steps, taking a personal inventory refers to a process of self-examination and reflection. This may be the first time we ever really looked at ourselves. Taking a personal inventory typically involves the following elements: Self-reflection: This step requires us to look inward and honestly assess…

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The Path To Sexual Addiction Recovery

October 6, 2023

Sexual addiction recovery is possible through a comprehensive recovery model, therapy variations, and holistic care. Learn more!

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Turning over self-will

September 29, 2023

Turning over self-will September 29th, 2023 Turning over self-will to a higher power is a fundamental concept in many twelve step recovery programs. Here are some suggestions on how to do this in a twelve step way Understand the Higher Power Concept In the twelve step approach, the term “higher power” doesn’t necessarily refer to…

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