Personal Inventory

Personal Inventory

October 13, 2023

In Step Four of the Twelve Steps, taking a personal inventory refers to a process of self-examination and reflection. This may be the first time we ever really looked at ourselves. Taking a personal inventory typically involves the following elements:


This step requires us to look inward and honestly assess our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and life experiences. It involves acknowledging both positive and negative aspects of our life.

Identifying character defects:

In this step, we aim to identify our shortcomings, character flaws, negative traits, and harmful behaviors. This includes recognizing patterns of behavior that have caused harm to us and others.

Listing resentments:

We are encouraged to make a list of people, institutions, or situations that we harbor resentment toward. This process helps uncover deep-seated anger, hurt, or unresolved issues.

Examining fears:

We are asked to explore our fears and anxieties. This includes identifying the root causes of these fears and how they may have contributed to addictive or destructive behaviors.

Assessing harm done to others:

We are prompted to consider the harm we may have caused to others through our actions, behaviors, and choices. This can involve making amends or taking responsibility for past actions.

Taking stock of positive qualities:

While much of the personal inventory process involves identifying flaws and negative aspects, it's also essential to acknowledge positive qualities, strengths, and assets. This balanced perspective can be crucial for personal growth and recovery.

Seeking guidance:

Many people undertake Step Four with the help of a sponsor or counselor who can provide support and guidance throughout the process.

The primary goal of taking a personal inventory in Step Four is self-awareness and self-acceptance. By honestly examining our life, including the good and the bad, we can gain insight into our behavior patterns and make positive changes. It's a critical step in the recovery process, as it sets the stage for subsequent steps, which involve making amends, seeking spiritual growth, and maintaining personal accountability.

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