Men’s Relational Recovery Group

The Men’s Relational Recovery Group is designed for men who have established and maintained Sobriety but are still not able to have that Emotionally Intimate and Connected Relationship with their wives. Yes, we’ve stopped addictive behaviors and have come to understand “Why we did What we did,” but something is missing. She says I’m not meeting her needs…..that I’m shutting down and not Empathizing with her. Have you heard her say, “Well, now you’re making it all about you Again”? So what is she really saying….what does she mean by that? Do you find your conversations going nowhere and often ending in more conflict and neither of you getting your needs met? Do you feel more like roommates or, even at times, like enemies than living a life of emotional, intimate connection?

If that’s you, then I invite you to join me in this group to learn what she deserves and needs from you and how to transcend the One Person Psychology ……… that need for Survival, Self-Protection, and Defensiveness…… “making it all about us.” Until we are able to get beyond these attitudes and behaviors, we are at a deficit intellectually, mentally, and emotionally of being able to truly hear, understand, and comprehend our wives’ need for acknowledgment and validation for all the hurt, pain, devastation, and trauma that we have put them through… a word Empathy.

It takes an Emotional response from us to heal her Emotional Hurt, Pain, and Trauma

There are 16 online Google Meet sessions meeting once per week for 1.5 hours and repeats on a 16-week cycle.

Meetings are both process and content with feedback and discussion among group members.

A Google Chat is created exclusively for the group members to connect and communicate with each other.

New groups will meet on Wednesday at 9:00 am Central Time and Thursday at 12 pm and 6 pm Central Time.

A new session will start the second week of June 2024.  Contact Bob Spiegel for more information.

If you are interested, get signed up on the waiting list.

To learn more or sign up, contact or call 855-602-2554.


The cost of the 16 week group is $65 per week ($260 per 4wk Month). There are no refunds for missed meetings.

The Facilitator

Bob Spiegel is a Relational Recovery Coach and a Certified Professional Coach. If you'd like to contact Bob for more information about the group, email him directly at

Course of Study

  • After sobriety is established AND maintained, how does RECOVERY BEGIN?
  • What does RECOVERY look like?
  • Will she ever TRUST me again?
  • What do I need to know about my WIFE?
  • What does she NEED?
  • How do I rebuild TRUST?
  • What is the Cycle of Conflict, aka The Trauma Dance?
  • What is the Cycle of Dysfunction?
  • How can I use my Values to create a Cycle of Connection with my spouse?
  • How do I practice EMPATHY?
  • Why should I do a disclosure?

To learn more or sign up, contact or call 855-602-2554.

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