Twelve Step Study Group

The Twelve-Step Study Group is an open, continuous group that supports foundational Twelve-Step principles common to virtually any recovery program that ends in the word "Anonymous." The group repeats in a 17-week cycle in which participants can:

  • Start with Step One and continue to Step Twelve,
  • Drop in to hear information about a particular Step, if they are feeling stuck, or
  • Just start where they are while looking for their first (or next) program, group, or sponsor!

Currently, we have three groups starting on January 25th, Thursdays, 2:30, 5:30 and 7:00 pm.  All times are Central (Houston) time.

To learn more or sign up, contact or call 855-602-2554.

Working the Steps with peer support is important!

The purpose of the Twelve-Step Study Group is to help participants who are already established in Twelve-Step recovery make progress in their step work. Still, it can also help provide initial support to newcomers or returning members to get engaged or re-engaged in step work while finding a homegroup or sponsor.



The cost to participate is either $60 per session or a reduced rate of $800 for the full 17-week study. If opting for the reduced rate, participants can either pay in full or $200 monthly for four months.

Paul Maner

The Facilitator

Paul Maner is a recovery coach with nearly two decades of experience in Twelve Step recovery. If you'd like to contact Paul for more information about the group, email him directly at

Study Overview

Week 1 – Introduction to the first step
Week 2 – Continue with the first step, a presentation if someone is ready.
Week 3 – First step presentations, Intro to Step Two
Week 4 – Step Two, Intro to Step Three
Week 5 – Step Three, Step Four Intro
Week 6 – Step Four
Week 7 – Step Four, Continued
Week 8 – Step Four, Continued
Week 9 – Step Four Wrap-Up, Intro to Step Five
Week 10 – Step Five, Intro to Step 6
Week 11 – Step Six, Intro to Step Seven
Week 12 – Step Seven, Intro to Steps Eight & Nine
Week 13 – Step Eight and Step Nine, Intro to Step Ten
Week 14 – Step Ten
Week 15 – Step Ten Continued, Introduction to Step Eleven
Week 16 – Steps Eleven, Intro to step Twelve
Week 17 - Step Twelve and wrap-up

To learn more or sign up, contact or call 855-602-2554.

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