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Welcome to our home!

Dear friends,

On behalf of my wife, Kristen, and our daughters, MJ and Lottie Jo, we want to invite you to our home, which we have affectionately named Magnolia House.

This house stands on land that has a seven-generation history with my family, starting with my great-great-great grandfather who settled here in 1826. His grave is actually marked near the entrance of this property. In 2002, my parents purchased this lot and my father designed this house to sit in the bend of the river. He planted the magnolia tree in the backyard as a gift to my mother the following Valentine's Day. Kristen and I purchased the property from my parents in 2022.

Kristen and I hope to fill this land with more magnolia trees over the next several years. I've always loved this well-known southern tree. It's magnificent, delicate flowers are fragrant enough to fill a house, yet its leaves are tough; its roots, tenacious. That's our hope for you who stay in our home for a time of healing and growth: that you would find in yourself both grit and grace — strength and tenderness, resilience and beauty.

Please know that in the days and weeks leading up to your arrival, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. I can't tell you the hours Kristen has put into making this an environment where you can fully relax for the sake of your own healing journey. I think she's done a marvelous job, but of course we are always open for ideas on how we can improve the experience of our guests. To that end, we sincerely hope you'll share freely as you complete the evaluation at the end of your stay. We promise to read every single one.

For your healing and joy,

Dr. Jake Porter
Founder & President, Daring Ventures

Fam at Magnolia House

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