Higher Power

Higher Power

September 1, 2023

The term "higher power" refers to a spiritual or supernatural force that we can turn to for guidance, support, and strength during our journey of recovery.

Higher Power

The concept of a higher power doesn't necessarily correspond to any specific religious deity or belief system. It's intentionally left open-ended to accommodate the diverse range of beliefs and backgrounds among us. Some of us might interpret the higher power as God, while others might view it as a universal consciousness, nature, or a spiritual community.  The higher power is something outside of ourselves.

The idea of a higher power serves several purposes within the Twelve Steps:

Acknowledgment of Limitations: It encourages us to recognize that we can't rely solely on our willpower to overcome addiction. Admitting powerlessness over addiction is a fundamental step.

Humility and Surrender: By recognizing a force greater than ourselves, we are encouraged to let go of our ego and surrender control, which can be important for overcoming the self-destructive patterns of addiction.

Support and Guidance: The higher power is a source of support, guidance, and strength for us as we work through the steps and navigate the challenges of recovery.

Connection and Community: The concept of a higher power can also promote a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves, whether that's a spiritual community, a sense of interconnectedness, or a greater purpose.

It's important to note that the interpretation of a higher power is highly personal and can vary widely among us. The Twelve Steps are designed to be inclusive and adaptable, allowing us to incorporate our own beliefs into the process of recovery. The emphasis is on developing a sense of humility, openness, and willingness to change as we progress through the steps.

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