Fake It Till You Make It

Fake It till You Make It


The principle of "Fake It till You Make It" is not typically encouraged in the same way it might be in other self-help or personal development contexts. Twelve Step programs emphasize honesty, authenticity, and a commitment to spiritual principles.

The Twelve Steps are based on a foundation of acknowledging and accepting our powerlessness over addiction, seeking the help of a higher power, and making amends where necessary. Pretending to have achieved a level of recovery or spiritual growth that hasn't been genuinely experienced contradicts the principles of honesty and authenticity that are central to these programs.

Instead, Twelve Step recovery emphasizes the following principles:


Being truthful with ourselves and others about the reality of our addiction and recovery journey.


Acknowledging our limitations and remaining open to learning and growth.


Recognizing and accepting the need for help and support, often through a higher power or a supportive community.


Taking responsibility for past mistakes and making sincere efforts to make amends to those who have been harmed.

Continued Personal Growth:

The Twelve Step process is viewed as an ongoing journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, emphasizing progress rather than perfection.

While it's common for us in recovery to struggle with self-esteem or confidence early on, the solution isn't to "fake it" but rather to work on genuine personal and spiritual development through the Twelve Steps. Open and honest communication, both within ourselves and with a supportive community, is valued over presenting a facade of recovery.

In respect to finding a Higher Power. “Fake It till You Make It” may mean you accept there is a Higher Power out there for you, but you still have not defined it yet.

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