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Are you at a point where your double life is destroying you and everyone around you?

If you have been struggling with sexual integrity issues that have impacted your marriage, family, finances, and career, how willing are you to learn how to heal from the compulsive and destructive behaviors ruling your life?

If that’s you, I encourage you to seek the help you need to learn and understand why you do the things you do and how to not do them again. We can have freedom, but it takes healing in our Spirit, Mind, Emotions, and physical Bodies. The rewards of living a life on the other side of addiction are freedom, connection, and a life of integrity. All the acting out behaviors we’ve been chasing are a cheap substitute for the rich and fulfilling life of the emotionally intimate relationship we can experience with our wives.
You deserve to experience and have that life along with your wife who also deserves for you to be the man of integrity God designed you to be.

I went through years of not understanding the areas of my life that were driving my own sexually addictive behaviors. Once I finally accepted the reality that I was indeed addicted to using sex as a means to meet legitimate needs in illegitimate ways, I started seeking help. Sadly, it took me decades to find someone that was able to explain to me why I was compulsively acting out, and how to obtain and maintain sobriety which then allowed me to have an intimate relationship with my wife.

My background is in the military and business. I am a United States Military Academy @ West Point Graduate and owned and operated a commercial excavation company for 40 years. In the Army, I was a Combat Engineer Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, and Company Commander. As a business owner and operator, I lead a diversified 180 man excavation, mining, and transportation company.

My heart’s passion is to help men establish and maintain long-term sexual sobriety so they can experience freedom from the devastating, compulsive, and destructive impacts of sexual addiction and live the Life of Integrity we were all designed to live in order to be the man our wives deserve and need. If you are at that place of desiring freedom, join me in a coaching relationship either one on one or in a group of men where we can begin this journey of becoming men of worth and integrity.

“It’s Not What I Say I’ll do, But What I DO That Defines Me”


United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
Engineer Officer Basic Course, Ft Belvoir, Virginia
Ranger School, Ft Benning, Georgia
Airborne School, Ft Benning, Georgia

Advanced Training

Certified Professional Coach, Certified Life Coach Institute

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