We specialize in the treatment of trauma and addiction, especially as these are presented in the following ways…

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a process addiction, much like compulsive gambling, eating, or shopping. It is marked by an inability to stop the acting out behaviors despite consequences. Sex addicts often have experienced trauma earlier in life, though they may be unaware of this reality. Treatment for sex addiction is possible, and those affected by it can find hope and recovery. You can read more about sex addiction by clicking below.

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Betrayal Trauma

When individuals discover that their loved ones have been unfaithful, a deep wounding occurs within the relationship. This wound can have a traumatic effect on the betrayed partner. Chronic infidelity and sex addiction, once discovered, brings with it a number of traumatic symptoms. Betrayal trauma can be treated so individuals can move forward in their lives. Read more about betrayal trauma by clicking below.

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Couple–Centered Recovery®

When addiction wrecks a relationship, couples must come together to pursue relational healing. The healing of attachment injuries require a meticulous process of stabilization, grief work, rebuilding trust, addressing underlying dynamics, and revisioning the relationship. Read more about Couple–Centered Recovery by clicking below.

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Money & Gambling

Sometimes the dynamics that inevitably come with money become sources of compulsion. Chronic debt, compulsive spending, codependent giving, and gambling addiction are just a few of the ways problems with money create challenges for issues. Treatment is available for those desiring to bring balance and health to their relationship with money. Click below for more information on money and gambling issues.

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