Too much control.

Most clinical treatments have been developed for clients who struggle with a lack of self–control in many areas of their lives. These under–controlled clients often benefit from evidence–based treatments that provide structure and emotional regulation. However, a significant proportion of other clients do not respond to traditional treatments. These more detail–focused clients with a rigid need for structure continue to suffer from chronic or recurring difficulties.

Radically Open—Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (RO–DBT) was developed by Thomas Lynch, PhD over 20+ years as an evidence–based treatment for clients diagnosed with a range of disorders characterized by over-control. RO–DBT has now been shown to be an effective treatment for chronic depression, treatment–resistant anxiety, adult autism spectrum disorders, adult anorexia nervosa, and a range of personality disorders.

The aims of RO–DBT are to provide clients with greater receptivity and openness, flexible control, and intimacy and social connectedness.

Overview of RO–DBT

The RO–DBT program consists of the following weekly elements:

  1. RO–DBT Skills Class – A 2–hour group class in which clients learn about the biotemperamental basis of over-control, as well as a range of skills such as radical openness, self-enquiry, mindfulness, and social signaling.
  2. Individual Therapy – A 50–minute session in which clients apply skills to their day-to-day lives and work towards attainment of their valued goals.
  3. Coaching Calls – Brief coaching calls are available 24/7 to apply RO-DBT skills “in real time.”

The RO–DBT Skills Class is open and new members can join at any time. If you are interested in learning more about it, please call for an initial appointment with Carol Ann Ross, LMSW, CSAT, CMAT.

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